18 July 2014

In the studio this week: Indiana landscape

copyright elisa ann lindstrom
This piece is starting to come together. I'm excited  to see it's progression. I changed up the grasses in the foreground and will work some more on those before it's finished. You can see how it's changed here and here.

16 July 2014

In the studio today: birds

copyright elisa ann lindstrom

Today I am listening to podcasts and finishing a drawing for a collector.

It's such a beautiful day out. Once I'm done, I'm headed out to get some inspiration and fresh air. Have you gone outside today?

30 June 2014

to a mentor: thank you

Today I found out, a month late, that an artist who inspired and encouraged me passed. In fact, he inspired countless artists through his work and his newsletter The Painters Keys.

Robert Genn was the artist who, in one of his newsletters, discussed how he mixed acrylic with matte medium to create many light layers of color. After trying it myself, it completely changed my art and pushed it to a new level. My skies would not be what they are without his suggestion.

It is amazing how much you learn from a mentor or teacher even if you never meet them and they may have no idea you exist. To think one newsletter he wrote changed the way I create in such a way that I could not imagine going back to a simpler and possibly quicker way to paint skies. Then to think of all of the teachers I have had over the years, in after school programs, at school and of course in college. To think of what they have offered me possibly without even giving it a second thought. I am deeply grateful.

So here’s to all of the teachers and mentors out there.
And here is to you, Robert Genn. Thank you.

23 June 2014

Upcoming Art Fair - save the date

Photo from of City of Evanston

As you may know from my style of work, I like to keep things simple. This summer is no different. I am going to be in one art festival this summer. Only one. I know that's keeping things very very simple. This year you can find me at:
The Lakeshore Arts Festival
Saturday August 2 - Sunday August 3
11:00am - 6:00pm
Centennial Park
(Clark Street & Sheridan Road)
Evanston, IL

02 June 2014

Musical Monday: Peace Train

Mondays are tough:

why not relax to some good tunes?

What's on your playlist today?

(click here for more information on Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam)

23 May 2014

a sneak peak into the studio - update on Indiana landscape

copyright elisa ann lindstrom
The Indiana landscape is coming along... looks like it may be done in June.

To see what it looked like before, click here and here.

17 May 2014

a sneak peek in the studio

This is the 2nd in the series of smaller landscapes (to see the 1st, click here). I took the picture near Turlock, CA. It may even be the same field or a field right near where Amber Field is. The painting seems so minimalist here. I promise there will be more to it. Although it does look nice and quiet which has it's own benefits for sure.

12 May 2014

Musical Monday: Glory Days

Mondays are tough:

why not relax to some good tunes?

What's on your playlist today?

(click here for more information on Bruce Springsteen)

09 May 2014

A sneak peek in the studio

I have started work on a collection smaller landscapes (18" x 14"). Working smaller has it's challenges -- the detail work, fitting everything I want to be viewed in a smaller space. But it also has it's benefits -- being able to work on more than 1 piece at a time. This one is from the trip we took to Indiana last year. You can see the initial sketch of this piece here. I have two others which I will post pictures of in the upcoming weeks.

Have a great weekend!

07 May 2014

Playing the Minimalism Game

I invited two friends of mine to do this challenge with me. It appears to be a simple project. Every day you clear out the number of items that equal the date. So, for May 7 you would get rid of 7 items. You can do this by recycling, donating, selling, returning, or throwing away the stuff. We started May 1.

I came to minimalism over a year ago and have slowly been chipping away at all of my unnecessary possessions during this time. I can't tell you how many times I have dropped off car loads of items at the local donation center. It sounds hokey but honestly: each time I feel like I can breathe a little more. My favorite part is that when people come over, I don't stress about piles of stuff laying around the house. Because there are no more piles of stuff.

My biggest challenge has been talking about minimalism as an artist. My friends all know this is something very important to me but I feel conflicted sharing it on this blog as an artist. Part of my job is to sell my work yet here I am wanted to clear things out, hoping more people will do the same. It has taken me a while but I have come to realize that I want to get rid of junk - not items of value. My art is not junk. There will always be people who are not interested in my work but there are also plenty of people who find value in it.

Back to The Minimalism Game: since I am the one that has been working on this the longest, I thought I would need to find ways to inspire and encourage my friends. It turns out that they are so excited about it, they are inspiring me. Sometimes it is fun when your expectations turn out to be completely off.

Here are some resources on minimalism:

Becoming Minimalist

The Minimalists

The Minimalist Mom